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Ultra Complex
Centuries by Caznir
Commission :: A Night Out by Caznir
The Meddler by Caznir
I call these ultra complex because every little detail is taken into consideration. These drawings will take a lot of time to complete and will either feature cel shading or soft shading. Extra characters will be 300 points or $3 each due to time.

Time To Finish: 12 hours - 2 days

Real Money Amount: $25
Additional Characters: $3 each
Cocky Are We? by Caznir
Wandering Sage by Caznir
Relaxation by Caznir
Facing the Odds by Caznir
These drawings are complex in nature. Details are taken into consideration and will feature cel shading or soft shading of your choice. 300 points or $3 per additional character.

Average Hours: 11

Real Money Amount: $20
Additional Characters: $3 each
Simple Digital
Robbie by Caznir
Cheerful by Caznir
Will have some shading or detail, but will be generally simplistic. Items such as badges and IDs will be included here.

Average Time Spent: 2-5 Hours

Real Money Amount: $15
Additional Characters: $3 each
Digital Sketch
Zepher (Shaded Commission) by Caznir
Sketch - Csarcarim by Caznir
Quorandor Velox by Caznir
Sketch - Zak Hemenway by Caznir
Will not necessarily be gray, black or white. Feel free to choose the ink color or I can choose one (the decision is yours!). Your choice of a headshot, body pose, or bust. Additional characters are $3 each (or 300 points)

Average Time Spent: 3-9 Hours

Real Money Amount: $10
Additional Characters: $3 each


Have you noticed some people love emphasizing the last part of a word? Be it.... "that's annoying-uh!" or "what do you mean-uh!" I donno. Lol Just an observation.

So good news guys. My homelessness has shrunk down between today (the 17th) to just the night of the 22nd. Most... interesting experience of my life. Nothing wrong has happened and people have been nothing but nice. So on the 23rd, I'll be completely moved into my new place. That's... 6 days from now and five homeless days left. ^w^

iPad. iPad. It's almost here! I'll be utlizing the iPad to get some work done! I won't make any excuses about art and I'll go right ahead and finish everything that should be done soon. This will also be of great use to my life style as well in the long run... so here we go. :D 

I won't restart commissions for the time being. Especially with the stuff I owe. So once I finish it off, I'll start them again. It's crunch time for me guys. I want to tackle three more things before this year is over... 

- Money to go back to school
- KumoriCon (Almost done fundraising!)
- New Phone

I'd also like to make money to replace what I lost along the way this month. Having said that, I won't over exert myself as per previous intentions... so I'll be limiting myself to 15 a week guys. Regardless, I won't be focusing just on commissions, and I'll be leaving myself open for art trades as well!

And.... once I figure out how to do so on iPad, I'll release something for everyone to read. I won't explain what it is yet... xD  To avoid overhyping.

But that is all. Please stay tuned for updates as time goes on!


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Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hello. I am Caznir. Caz. C. Etc. Thanks for checking out my gallery! I am just a college student who is currently taking time off to hone my skills and to save up for larger endeavors such as art equipment, studying abroad, and college expenses in the future.

Commission List:…


Payment options are Google Wallet (Preferred), PayPal (Also acceptable), or Points.

I hope you are having a good day!

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:icontwistedzepher: -- 1/1/2012 <33 I love you bbyyy

Interested in my traditional art? --> :iconsilvernocturne:

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It's been a while since last time. I apologize for all the trash I said.
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